"Build Your Car Today!"

So every once in a while I get a strong urge to buy a "new new new new" car I go to the configure your own car thing on the manufacturers website. Now, tonight I decided to take a look at what VW has for the TDI and see how I can configure my own car.

Lets begin....

Trim Levels - The Jetta has 14, yes 14 different trim options. From "S", whatever the crap that means, all the way to "Super Premium Look At Me I'm A Hybrid" SEL Jetta. I could probably spend some time comparing each trim level and determining how many cup holders each trim level has but lets move on.


So, being a Jalopnik/Oppo poster I pick the TDI with.... the 6 speed. Why? Because DSG is the devil and we will have none of that in our car because it does not connect us with the machine....

Interior/Exterior Colors - Hey VW, give us some cool and interesting colors for once! Sure I like the Toffee Brown or beige...or more beige... Great job VW, you are now the Toyota of Germany. Oh whats this, I cannot spec a black interior for my toffee brown car, why VW. I want it to be black, I don't care if it doesn't match! I need to get my DMC-12 running so I can go back to the 80's and buy a Cadillac with a blood red interior or a Mercedes 300E/D with blue leather... come on VW, horrible interior color choices won't hurt.


Wheels - I get to select from a list of, one type of wheel with the base TDI and the same choice on the highest level of TDI. Lame, VW... please please let me put any of your OEM wheels on my Jetta. I'm sure some of the Passat or Golf wheels have the same ET as the Jetta.

Accessories - $1,995 for a "body styling kit" Really VW, who are you trying to fool. This toaster is not going to look cool with some stick on "aero" pieces. Totally not worth $1995. I'll just take the $35 VW First aid kit and the ridiculously overpriced all weather floor mats thank you very much.


Summary - If you want to pick out the color of your car... Get a VW... if you really want to have some choices..... Go back in time to the simpler times.

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